Why Your Small Business Needs Pinterest

Why Your Small Business Needs Pinterest

If your small business offers products and services that mostly are marketed to women, then Pinterest is for you.  The audience that Pinterest draws are largely women, and of that Millennial Moms.  Look at the numbers below.

Pinterest is very different then Facebook Fan pages, as with Pinterest you can create different boards for each of your product and services.  This translates into people being more interested and engaging with your specific boards due to they do not have to sift through all the other content like with Facebook.

Pinterest Numbers….

  • Women Use it More.
  • Millennial Moms are the largest group of women.
  • 35% of users have household income over $100k.
  • 52% Use Pinterest in their buying decision.
  • 89% of Pinterest Users have purchased something they found on Pinterest
  • Average value of shopping from Pinterest is $58.00

Is stating the numbers above, Pinterest is just like all the other social media platforms – it is just not there to only promote, you have to build up credibility and interest by pinning engaging pins, and sharing other like-minded pins and so forth.

Building Followers

There are many ways to get people interested in your Pinterest account.  Start with inviting them to it by other social media platforms by using the sharing buttons.  You can embed the pins into your content on blog posts, websites and so on.

The best way to build your audience is by following/joining someone else’s.  You can use the search feature within Pinterest to find products and services like yours and start out by repining their pins.  Their audience will also see this and then start following you!

Business Or Personal Account?

When setting up your Pinterest account, chose the Business one, as you can verify your website URL and prove to people who you are.  I would also setup a few boards to start with also, like the following:  Products or Services, Help or FAQ’s  and one just about fun.  Think of these boards as sections within Pinterest and be as specific as you can.

Pinterest Links

Probably the best thing about pins are that the images link directly to content.  Content can be blog posts, sales pages, videos and so on..  This is unlike Facebook Fan pages where images cannot be linked to an external source.  When you click on them in Facebook – they just enlarge them.

Pinterest & SEO

Last but least – Pinterest boards often appear in Google search results.  That’s a great side benefit to remember as when you name your boards –name them specifically to the niche or products you are trying to sell.

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