What Is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing is a localized wireless (Bluetooth) network that utilizes location technologies with “beacons” to advertising content within that location.  Consumers within that location will receive the marketing content.  Android and Apple devices (smart phones) have the ability already built into them to receive this marketing content.  For proximity marketing (location marketing) to work – the following three applications are needed on a smart phone.

Bluetooth | Location Services | physical web

I know what your thinking!  In 2015 only about 40% of smart phone users kept their Bluetooth turned on.  The main reason was poor battery use. (drained the battery)  A new study that just came out this month now shows with the advancement in Bluetooth technology (less battery draw) that over 60% now keep Bluetooth turned on.  Locations services has had a similar climb in it’s numbers also – location services opt-ins come in at ~55 to 60% of users.

Now with the iPhone not having head phone jacks, only able to use Bluetooth ear buds – the odds with the Apple phones also increased.

Proximity Marketing uses a small device called a beacon that can transmit a signal anywhere from 1 foot up to 650 feet depending on the beacon model.  Most are weather proof, shock proof and have a battery life up to 5 years.  With the unlimited programming abilities, you can change the marketing content anytime you need to.

There are three models current offered by Mobile Marketing Strategies. (image below of actual beacons)

  1. Sticker Beacons (6MM in size and broadcast 7 meters) These really are the smallest beacons.  They have built-in sensors and advertise connectionless telemetry data.  The form factor makes them great for smart objects and nearables prototyping.
  2. Proximity Beacons (17MM in size and broadcast 70 meters) – These beacons are the ones most commonly used.  They also support touch experiences as it has NFC built in.
  3. Long Range Beacons (24mm in size with a broadcast of 200 meters)  This is the most robust beacon on the market.  They support multiple packets, mesh networking and have built in sensors.

How Do you Use Proximity Marketing?

When the beacon is programmed, any consumer that comes within the Bluetooth range, (1 foot to 650 feet depending on the beacon) the consumer will automatically receive a pop up/alert on their smart phone.

Below are just a few common uses for proximity marketing/location based marketing.

  • Realtors
  • Retail
  • Car Dealerships
  • Art Galleries
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Geo Fencing
  • Coupons
  • Punch Cards
  • Event Tickets
  • Broadcast Marketing
  • Mobile Wallets

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