Marketing Automation – You need this


Marketing Automation – You need this

For those of you that know about marketing automation – you are a head of the pack when it comes to understanding your customer, and targeting your customer to the fullest potential.

Most of you, after reading this article below, should realize the time is NOW to implement a complete marketing automation system.  Everyone has a “front end”, a website, maybe an eCommerce site somewhere for your customers and prospects can go learn about you/from you.  But how many of you have a back end process, one that tracks, performs lead scoring and nurtures current and new prospects to give them the time to become a paying customer.

95% to 97% of your potential clients are NOT ready to spend money with your company right now.  Quit throwing the same sales pitch to every potential client and or customer.  The back end process is designed to automate and coach the prospect at all stages in the buying cycle.

Let’s us show you first hand the 3% to 5% that are.

There are two major areas within the back end process.  The first one is called the “Filter” process – this is where we use lead scoring to advance (bring to the  forefront) potential clients and prospects that are READY to buy from you.

  • Determine if clients are READY to purchase from you.
  • Move NOT ready clients/prospects to the Nurture campaign.

The second part of any proven system is the nurturing part of the process.  This process is where we continue to provide the following, so that your company is always Top Of Mind Aware. (TOMA)  That way when it IS time to buy – they think of you and not your competitor.

  • Keep potential clients engaged.
  • Bond and build rapport.
  • Demonstrate YOUR expertise
  • Create a Desire to work with you.
  • Provide a CLEAR path to ascension.

The best two quotes out of the article are one about how much the market will grow as to everyone will be implementing a back end system, and the second one is about what is expected within one.

Organizations using marketing automation:  “A $3 billion market and automation platform will grow from 20% penetration today to approximately 50% in 2015”

Top Demands within a system:

  • Managing and Tracking Lead activity – 70% expect this.
  • Lead scoring and qualification – 69% expect this.
  • Automated Lead nurturing – 62% expect this.

Continue to read the whole article at: Marketing Automation – You Need This

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