Facebook Fan Pages – Why You Need Them

Why Facebook Fan Pages?

Small businesses are beginning to see the huge value that social media can add to their bottom line. There are more than 50 million and growing everyday business pages on Facebook.

By creating a Facebook Fan Page your business can use it to interact with potential customers, friends and other businesses and zoom in on your actual target market by listening to the feedback provided by your users.

Facts About Facebook

Here are some simple statistics for you to think about while you are contemplating creating a Fan Page if you have not already.

  • 94 Billion yes that is a B monthly active Facebook users.
  • 28 Billion users log in everyday.
  • 74 Billion use a Mobile device
  • Average Time Spent on Facebook “per visit” is 20 minutes.

Fan Pages Become The Human Face Of the Business

What does this mean?  Many of your fans (prospective customers) have never met you, know very little about you and your business.  This gives them a personal medium for them to get to know you and your business by your interactions.

Fan Pages Are a Community

By creating a Fan Page, you create a community of like-minded individuals that will/can provide reviews, share opinions, and offer feedback.

Fan Pages Are Not A 24X7 Sales Platform

Your Fan Page is NOT, and let me say this twice NOT a 24X7 sales platform.  If you use it as that, people will stop coming to your page, stop sharing your posts and stop commenting.

You need to post relevant content, that is engaging to your fans.  This could be current news related items, posts about similar likes and interests, maybe even similar products and have a daily conversation with them.

Just Like Google My Business

Facebook has local search capabilities and when you have your Fan Page built correctly and optimized, prospective customers and fans will be able to find you a lot easier.

Your Competition Already Has One

If you want to get a good idea of what should be done and what should not be done with Facebook Fan page – go do a few searches.  Pay attention to the ones that have 1000’s of Fans, read their articles and see how they post.  There’re doing it right.

Why You Need A Facebook Fan Page

The main goal of any business is to make more sales, increase your bottom line and provide real value.   Facebook can assist you with the exact target market that wants to purchase what you have to sale.  Whether it’s widgets, plastic gas cans spouts or digital media, people are always looking for something and let’s face it – they feel good after they purchase it.

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